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On-demand events

Snacks n' Stuff

Gwen's one week email programme with tips, videos and recipes on breakfast and snacks for kids .

7 daily emails with tips, videos & recipes to help you understand how to put snacks & breakfasts together for your family, as well as some other tips for family nutrition!

Only €9


Day 1: Learn about blood sugar balance and importance of protein and fat (with video)
Day 2: Eating a rainbow : the 3Ss (with handouts) 
Day 3: Building a snack plate : snacks are mini meals (with handouts)
Day 4 Rethinking breakfast : protein & fat to help with stable energy throughout the day (including recipes and video)

Day 5: Sweet things (including recipes) 

Day 6: Smoothies and ice pops 

Day 7: Summary and putting it all together 


*Participants of this programme can receive 10% off a Family Nutrition Power Hour (use Code Snacks10 when booking that) 

To get access to this content contact Gwen.

Managing Menopause Naturally

Live plus available On-demand

Due to demand we re-ran the event again online, this time with local Glengarriff herbalist Geri McGann and local Nutritional Therapist Gwen Bastian-Enright

Missed it? Don't worry contact us to find out how you can get access to this event.


Past events

Sound Healing & Herbal Tea Ceremony

February 2024

Live on-site event - Bantry, Co.Cork 

A restorative evening where we celebrated Imbolc*, welcomed back the light and returned to ourselves through sound bowl and herbal tea healing. Leigh Stevens of Sonas Sound Healing provided beautiful vibrations through her sound bowls while Geri offered nourishment and restoration through blended herbal teas specifically blended for the occassion.

Managing Menopause Naturally

February 2023

Live on-site event - Glengarriff. Co.Cork

A great evening where we discussed menopause and perimenopause and discovered from our experts how you can approach this time in your life through natural medicinal and nutritional solutions.

Renowed herbalist Marie Reily from The Lismore Clinic took us through what happens from a hormonal perspective and how herbs can be used to support these changes. Gwen Bastian-Enright, our local nutritional therapist, took us through how nutrition can be used to manage and support menopuase and perimenopause.

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