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Geri enjoying medicine making in West Cork

Geri McGann         

Founder and Medical Herbalist, DipHerb, MNINH

Hello! I qualified as a medical herbalist in 2021 with The Plant Medicine School, run by Nikki Darrell. During my six years of study, I had the privilege to work with some of the most experienced herbalists in Ireland. Since first being introduced to the empowerment that comes with making your own medicine almost 20 years ago, my curiosity and passion for herbs has grown, culminating in the opening of The Beara Holistic Clinic in 2023.

My journey with herbs

Having experienced first hand the healing power of herbs, sometimes in more subtle ways that even I had realised, I have grown to love and appreciate the benefits of treating health problems through herbal medicine.

My herb journey began over 20 years ago when my partner got me a course learning how to make face creams, as a birthday present. It hadn't even occurred to me that that was something I could do! I thought it was fantastic and from then on, I was hooked.

Fast forward several years, I had returned home to Ireland and began to explore working with herbs at a deeper level. Starting with a six week make your own medicine course, I then went on to do the two year apprenticeship and the additional two years for the Diploma in Medicinal Herbs. As part of my training I completed over 500 hours of clinical practice, seeing a vast range of patients with a wide range of issues from respiratory issues to acne, dermatitis to IBS. I regularly attend training days, webinars and talks to stay up to date in the field of herbal medicine.. 

It has long been my dream to open my own practice and share this knowledge and support others. I am very excited to have founded The Beara Holistic Clinic alongside Gwen.  If you have any questions before making an appointment you are welcome to contact me to find out if your symptoms can be treated. You can find out more about how herbal medicine works here including what to expect during a consultation.

What Our Clients Say

Elizabeth, Cork

"After many years of going to Geri I would highly recommed her to anyone." She has made me bespoke tinctures and remedies and cured ailments that previous visits to doctors had no luck with. I have expereinced first hand the positive effects of herbs, not to mention Geri's highly professional, kind and thorough approach."
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