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Post-Baby Herbal Support Program

A 12-week herbal program designed specifically to support women who have just given birth.

First of all, congratulations! Having a baby, whether it be your first baby or fifth baby and however your birthed your baby, brings with it a range of both physiological and emotional changes. Changes which we may be familiar with or that are completely new to us.  After birth, your new baby usually becomes the main focus of attention, however, as mothers, we also need to care for ourselves during this time. Remembering your own self-care is important for your wellbeing, and for that of your baby. 

This 12 week program has been designed specifically for women who have given birth. It’s aim is to:

  • rebalance hormones and support your body through this transition

  • help you cope with any emotional feelings you might be experiencing

  • support the body with the physical demands of the birth and becoming a mother and what that entails

This herbal support program is for you if you have recently had a baby and:

  • need support with your energy levels; feel exhausted, drained

  • are struggling to cope emotionally; feeling sad, anxious, overwhelmed

  • having difficulty sleeping or getting quality sleep

  • experiencing mood swings

  • have tearing and/are bruised after the birth

  • want to start to return to yourself

  • and need a safe, non-judgemental space to talk about how you are feeling and what you are going through!

How can herbs help post-birth?

While the body has this inherent ability to regulate and heal itself there are times when we need additional support. Herbal medicines have the ability to support and enhance this process.


My own journey of becoming a mother for the first time was one filled with unconditional love for my baby but also one of anxiety, exhaustion, and overwhelm. While I was amazed at the way my body helped me adapt; I wasn't sick for the first 3 years of my babies life, I still experienced a lot of physiological and emotional upheaval.


Through the healing power of herbal medicine I slowly came to adapt to my new reality and be able to embrace it. Herbs such as Rosemary and Ashwagandha became, and continue to be, fierce allies to me. They were transformative in their support and saw me through some tough times and long days. Other herbs such as Vitex helped balance my hormones and relieve symptoms I was experiencing and Calendula continued to nourish my skin, as it had done throughout my pregnancy. And that is why I have designed this program, to support mothers like you (and me), and help us return to ourselves!

12 week post-baby herbal program is  designed to:

  • aid recovery

  • replenish energy levels

  • balance hormones

  • balance mood

  • reduce anxiety

  • support sleep

What does the post-baby herbal support program include?

Over the 12 week post-baby herbal support program you will get:

  • 4 x  90 minute 1:1 Bespoke Consultations - In the first consultation we will discuss your health and wellness concerns and any other information that is relevant to your post-birth story. The following three consultations (one every 3 weeks) will focus on your progress and make any necessary changes to your herbal protocol.  Suitable dates/times will be worked out between us.

  • 12 week bespoke herbal protocolYour herbal protocol will include a number of herbal formulas that are specific to you and your needs. These may take the form of tinctures (concentrated extracts of herbs made with a mixture of water and alcohol), infusions (teas) using dried herbs, decoctions (these are hard, woody parts of plants that require greater heat to break them down) and ointments. These will be dispensed by Geri in her clinic. These personalized blends are not available elsewhere as they are formulated specifically for you.

  • Personalised Diet/Lifestyle advice  - While this is primarily a herbal support program, Geri will discuss with you some general approaches to improve any dietary and lifestyle changes discussed during your consultations, if necessary.

How to get started?

  • Fill out the form below to register your interest in the program

  • Geri will then reach out to you to discuss getting started and schedule your first 1:1 consultation

  • Geri will then send you a clinical document to complete prior to the first session

Start your 12 week program post0baby herbal support today.

  • Fill out the form to register your interest in the program

  • Geri will then reach out to you within 7 days to discuss next steps! 

Thanks for submitting!

What Our Clients Say

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Elizabeth, Cork

"After many years of going to Geri I would highly recommed her to anyone." She has made me bespoke tinctures and remedies and cured ailments that previous visits to doctors had no luck with. I have expereinced first hand the positive effects of herbs, not to mention Geri's highly professional, kind and thorough approach."
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