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Herbal Products

Herbs can be taken in many different ways to support us, not only as specific targeted medicine but in our daily lives. Geri's range of products are designed with both medicinal benefit but daily application in mind.

Custom Herbal Tea Range

There's nothing like a cup of tea! And a cup of herbal tea, even better! Herbal teas are a great way to ingest herbs on a daily basis. Not only are they a relaxing and refreshing alternative drink to help get in your daily hydration  — they have the added herbal power benefits as well! Geri's  herbal tea range has been crafted with both taste and medicinal benefit in mind.


The benefits of custom blend loose herbal teas

- No tea bags; less plastic!

- Caffeine free

- Medicinal benefit as well as great taste!

- No additives; contain nothing but herbs

- Ethnically sourced and organically grown ingredients

- Feed your compost

Day/Night Tea Package

The best of both. Everyday;  uplifting and cleansing & Soothing; soothing and relaxing

Tea Pot

Custom blended by medicinal herbalist Geri

Geri has been blending herbs for over a decade. Teas form a key part of her clients prescriptions. Her teas are crafted not only for their medicinal benefit, but also for their taste to ensure a optimum drinking experience.

Three Teacups

Bespoke Serenity Tea Package

Three different relaxing blend teas, each with their own benefits but all designed to help sooth the nerves and relieve tension. Can be taken both during the day and at night.

Soothing Chamomile & Wild Oats

Nourishing Tulsi, Wild Oats & Rose

Relaxing Wild Oats & Passionflower

Almost twice as many cups per 40g vs commercial herbal tea brands

Each 40g bag of loose herbal tea contains on average 35 cups per pack; 15 more than commercial herbal tea brands!


Bespoke tea blends

Designed specifically for you, custom blends are made to order. After a short consultation, Geri will custom blend herbs into a tea that are bespoke to your needs and tastes.

What Our Clients Say

Elizabeth, Cork

"After many years of going to Geri I would highly recommed her to anyone." She has made me bespoke tinctures and remedies and cured ailments that previous visits to doctors had no luck with. I have expereinced first hand the positive effects of herbs, not to mention Geri's highly professional, kind and thorough approach."
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